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Wersja polska



What is happening? Where am I? This is my bed. And who is that woman above me? I see! This my sister. Food? Yummy!I  like these bottles, it is so easy to suck from them. But they do not give me bottles, as I am a big boy now. I know how to eat with a spoon and a fork. Now some belching (about 3 times) and some stretching and I can start a new day. What am I doing today?

It is starting. Today, there are 2 nice ladies who come to me from Lask. But where is this Lask? I suppose I was doing the same things yesterday. The mask, indiner, ramp, patterning, breathing, brushing, reading,…oh, how boring it is. I know what I do, as they talk to me a lot and they call everything I do. And they always stick the coloured spots. How can they stick to this board? They should fall down.I cheated them again as I did not get off from the ramp. He,he…

The second breakfast! I am hungry. I do not like biting, but they make me to do it.

I played on my table and on the floor a little bit. These games are boring. I know all of them. The most interesting is when I can pull the string of the music box. But it is great when I get the newspaper to read. No one will read it again.

Oh! I can hear that Emilka has just come. She is my teacher. From the real school! I wonder, what are we going to do? The weather is bad, so no walk. What a shame,as walks are the best. Sometimes we go to the dogs, it is great then. But today? I know! Firstly, I will dig in the dessert and then in the sand. That is great. Here are coming music and games with Knill programme. That is what Emilka said.I will paint too.I like it.

Jacek came. He is my masseur. He does me a massage of my body. I always feel so cool after it. And he puts my shoes on. But why? I am not going anywhere, as I cannot.

It is dinner time. Today is fish. But I have problems with swollowing, again. How it is possible that milk was so easy to swollow but this food is not. But someday I will show you. I am going to chase with you.


Oh, here there are my volunteers. The oldest ones. This year, they are passing the Matura exam, so they will not come to me from October. But today, they are. And again the mask, indiner, ramp, patterning… Good, that there are these spots. They are not afraid of  “bungee”, I mean they hang me with my head down. But there are nice views. Once, I even pissed on one of them when I was hanging over her. He, he…But I did not want to do it, really.

I have started to eat my afternoon tea and the next volunteers came, so I will finish it tomorrow or some other time. I am tired. Good, that at this time I have only  “a waistcoat”. I will lie and they will help me to breathe. Then, I play on my huge ball.

Supper. Yummy. Finally. but I have to bite again. And these vitamins, pills and some other herbs. My lovely mum is so patient. So many times I bit her in the finger and she did not react. Today, I am going to sneeze with my mouth full of food… What? You never sneeze?

I hate it. They bought me vertical equipment and they make me to stand for almost an hour. And I have never stood on my feet. They are cruel. And maybe they are not?… Maybe it must be like this? I do not know, I am too small. But I hate it !!! Maybe I will get use to it.

Finally, I have time for myself. Now I am going to have some fun!!! I am giing to have some crazy plays with these dolls and bears. Come on you doooool, aaaaaaa. What is this? I am yawning. I do not want to sleep, noooot yet.

What a wonderful day. The same like last week, month… I hope April will come soon. Then I am going to Torun. There I will meet Martyna, Agnieszka, Mateusz… And in summer I am going to Chrzastowka or to some other place for a rehabilitation. There is cool. There are horses and a big swimming pool with the balls and it is so quiet. Mummy, mummy. She has gone… that is ok, a I will do loads tommorow, I hope I will not forget. Oh, and one more thing! I have to learn the word “father”. These are my plans for tomorrow.

Translated under Ola Stanczyk